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Five of the best ways to see Sikkim

by Priya Bala

The Himalayan state of Sikkim has been known as ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ and unfolds its treasures slowly but generously to the traveller. The majestic Kanchenju...

7 top things to do in Meghalaya

by Priya Bala

It’s an abode of the clouds. That’s what ‘Meghalaya means and it’s guaranteed to give you that away from it all feeling.

4 unforgettable trips in Arunachal Pradesh

by Priya Bala

Virginal Arunachal Pradesh lies in the farthest reaches of the country, wild and still largely unexplored. Make the best of it on your first trip there.

Blue Whale: Two hotel gems in southern Sri-Lanka

by Priya Bala

Blue Whale is a fairly new brand in Sri Lanka, offering a boutique experience for travellers to the gorgeous southern coast of Sri Lanka.

South Indian cities that will please any foodie

by Priya Bala

Take a culinary trip and discover the delicious, earthy cuisines of these South Indian cities

These towns lend their names to foods

by Priya Bala

Culinary travel is the coolest thing now. And what better than visiting places that are so closely associated with certain dishes they’ve lent their names to...

A taste of the South with cooking holidays

by Priya Bala

The cooking holiday is here and its popularity is growing, buoyed by the surge of interest in Indian food and regional cuisines. Food lovers enamoured of In...

Hidden Beaches of Sri Lanka by Priya Bala

by Priya Bala

Hikkaduwa and Bentota are been there done that places for most travellers to Sri Lanka. But the island, with its jagged coastline, has an unending list of sp...

What to eat for Breakfast when in Sri-Lanka

by Priya Bala

The cuisine of the tiny spice island is a fairly well kept secret, for few people outside have tasted it. But it is a cuisine that is rich in its diversity a...

How I saw Bioluminescence on an Indian Beach

by Kitty Iyer

Bioluminescence appears in different parts of the world. At some places, you’d have to go night kayaking, and when you row the boat, you see the lights glowi...

Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur - Reviewed

by Kitty Iyer

Java Rain Resort is that perfect weekend getaway. The open reception is stunning and is a great way to introduce the concept of Java Rain: Luxury inside natu...

SaffronStays Thenkani Organic Farms | Review

by Kitty Iyer

Are you looking to take a break from your monotonous life? Go to a little staycation? Not burn your pockets? To chill with your friends/family by a bonfire? ...