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SaffronStays Thenkani Organic Farms | Review

Are you looking to take a break from your monotonous life? Go to a little staycation? Not burn your pockets? To chill with your friends/family by a bonfire? Sleep inside a cosy wooden cottage? Eat some delicious food? See a gazillion stars? Is that a stress buster? Because I've got the right place for it all.

12 Mar, 2019

Just 70 km from Bangalore, this wooden cottage is out of your dreams.

I had been searching for a cottage near Bangalore where I could go and de-stress. A place in which I could chill in nature’s lap, where I could play board games, take long walks and do absolutely nothing. Thenkani Organic Farms is my latest find, and I love it.

Along with friends, we left from Bangalore on a beautiful Saturday morning. We had seen photographs of this spanking new cottage and were looking forward to spending our weekend there. We stopped on the highway and ate a delicious breakfast of dosa and idly in a place called RangaVillas. I knew I was close to Tamil Nadu when the sambar wasn’t sweet and the dosa was crisp. We suggest you stop at the same place for the breakfast cause it's worth it. We crossed the Karnataka- Tamil Nadu border after Attibelle and drove for 1 hour. 10 minutes after we passed Denkanikottai town and we took a left turn towards the cottage. The next  5-6 km were very bad or no roads to reach the paradise. The caretaker helped us navigate, and we finally reached the destination!

A big wooden board welcomed us to this little farm, and there stood this cottage. I’ve never seen a wooden cabin this stylish in India. It was like one of those wooden cottages you see in a Hollywood movie. The cottage has two floors. We took the first floor, and our friends chose the ground floor. The top level has an extra attic which you can climb using a sturdy ladder, and there’s a cosy corner with books and board games. I called dibs on that space and spent my afternoon reading some books there. The rooms have very comfortable beds and a long verandah with day beds laid out. Every corner of this place begs you to bring a book and settle down and read. 

The caretaker served us a refreshing glass of welcome drink and some lip-smacking lunch. A good meal has to follow a good nap! Agree? We woke up in the evening and went for a long walk around the farm which is situated right next to a forest. The caretaker informed us that they often see a herd of elephants passing by near the farm, and he needs to switch on the electric fence around the property by the evening. The very thought of seeing elephants were so exciting!  Just as soon as we got back from the farm, the caretaker served tea and snacks. It was THE perfect tea! The strong, right amount of sugar and the aroma of ginger and masala that had me swooning. I shamelessly asked for another cup, and he brewed us all a fresh new pot of his masala chai. He offered to light a bonfire for us on the hillock. It’s a raised hill with around 10-15 steps right next to the cottage. The view of the mountains far away and the setting sun from there was absolutely stunning. There is something so therapeutic about having a cup of strong tea while a setting sun and a bonfire getting ready.

Around 9, the caretaker announced that the dinner was ready. We ate some delicious and simple meal of roti and subzi. We settled cosily near the bonfire. One by one, the stars started to appear and before we knew it, the sky was filled with billion stars. The 4 of us were lying down in the hillock near the bonfire and laughing at some lame jokes. Soon we fell silent and lay there under the stars with our minds reflecting the tranquillity and serenity of the atmosphere.

After a while, one of my friends got too cold, and we all had to shift the party indoors. We drank some beer and played board games and chatted till the wee hours of the night. In spite of us making a lot of noise,  there was no one around to judge us. This cottage guaranteed us total privacy.

We woke up to the bright sun that filled inside the cottage.

The caretaker served fresh coffee (which was not as excellent as the tea) and breakfast, and we had to say goodbye to a perfect staycation. 

Come to Saffron Stays Thenkani if you want to relax, come if you want to spend fun time with friends, go if you want a getaway from your daily life. It’s worth every penny. 

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