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Best ways to enjoy Oslo

Done London, Berlin, Barcelona? Scandinavia beckons and the Norwegian capital is a must-see. Here’s an insider’s guide to this city that lies along a fjord, surrounded by forests, chockfull of museums and parks, with an exciting food and nightlife scene.

03 Jun, 2019

Stroll along Karl Johans Gate: This elegant street stretches from the Central Station, sloping upwards to the royal castle. It’s known as the Champs Elysees of the North and is lined with boutique stores, bars and cafes. Stop at a coffee shop or a pavement-side bar and watch the passing parade of stylish Oslo folk. Tuck in to the Freia chocolate shop and taste some of the delicious confections. You’ll know why this is Norway’s favourite chocolate.


See the museums: The Bygdoy Peninsula, at the water’s edge, is where you’ll find many of Oslo’s most popular museums. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is an open-air showcase with 150 traditional houses and churches from ancient times. The Kon-Tiki museum houses the famous craft in which Thor Heyerdahl made his trans-Pacific journey. Art enthusiasts must also visit the Munch museum in Toyen to soak in the work of Edvard Munch.


Hike up to a ski jump: Holmenkollen is a green hill, 20 minutes from the city centre and has a ski jump and ski museum. You’ll also be rewarded with spectacular views. And even if you’ve never strapped on skis, you can get the experience at the ski simulator up there.


Enjoy Akerbrygge: Much of Oslo’s charm lies in how its old industrial structures and docks have been turned into hip public spaces. Akerbrygge is one such. Once a raffish neighbourhood it is now a cool stretch hugging the water. Go here to shop, to sip on rose wine on a barge that’s been turned into a bar and gaze across the water at Akerhus, the fortress that’s a part of Oslo skyline.


Ride the ferry: In summer, when it seems like the sun shines through the day – and night – Oslo fjord is the place to be. Hop on a ferry and explore the islands. A ferry pass will allow you to hop on and hop off and see many islands, all of them green and verdant.


Eat and drink: Nordic food is now all the rage and Oslo is a great place to savour the best. Restaurants focus on quality local ingredients – think salmon, oysters, cod, trout, lamb and top class dairy – and use an eclectic mix of techniques, from Japanese to Turkish – to come up with exciting, truly delicious menus. Some of our favourite, if expensive, places to eat in downtown Oslo are Fangst and Rest. The nightlife rocks, too.

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