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10 Travel Resolutions To Make For This Year

Do you know what I love about the new years? Starting interesting ideas and trying to stick to it. But I am sure all of us at one point have been attempting resolutions like ‘Travel More’ How about this year, you take that resolution a little differently and think of different ways to make travel better? Here are 10 interesting travel resolution ideas to start your year with.

12 Mar, 2019

12 Holidays In 2019: This might sound like a lot of holidays, but honestly it’s not. This is very doable. Almost every month this year has a long weekend. Make use of all of them and plan 12 trips instead of one big trip for the year. There might be a gorgeous lake hidden just 3 hours away from where you stay, and you’ve never known.

Reduce carbon footprint: Seeing the world gives you so much happiness, and we travel to see beautiful things in the world. But what if the harmless chips packet that’s thrown by one of us causes some severe illness to the marine life? Or what if the water bottle you kept at the top of a hike, causes issues to the wildlife? Take an oath never to throw plastic in nature or even better pick up plastic waste from the treks you take. You’d start seeing everything in a different light.

Like  A Local: Travelling like a local gives you a real experience about the place. Take the local transportation, eat the food the locals eat, drink the local made wine/beer, and stay in homestays and talk to them about the country/place they live in. The tales they’ll tell and experience they offer, no travel agents can give you.

Solo trip: Solo travel can open up things about yourself you never realised. When you go solo, you can travel at your own pace and do things you want to do, and that feeling is very liberating. If you’ve never travelled solo, you absolutely must try it this year. But It’s not for everyone, and it’s okay if you are not a solo traveller.

Learn a new language: Every time I travel somewhere, I try learning the language of the locals there. Even if it's a simple ‘Thank you’ or a ‘Hello’. This makes a great ice breaker when you want to talk to a local and also adds a great value add for the traveller in you.

Souvenirs and Collectables: Souvenirs don't have to be a keychain of a famous monument in the city or a magnet with the city’s name to keep on top of a fridge. This year, take a resolution to collect something interesting. Some ideas to get your collectables/souvenirs: A local Newspaper from the day you left that country/city, a snack or fruits from the town,   a local artefact like a painting or an artwork, a local wine made in that place, a stone/sand to remember the good times etc. Will you promise to be an interesting souvenir giver?

Travel with a cause: I have a friend who visits a children’s NGO every time he goes to another country/city. He usually does his research on the NGO he’d want to go, allot a day for the visit the NGO in his itinerary and Carry- buy pencils/notebooks etc. for the kids. I was so inspired and might just start doing this too. Isn’t it a great idea?

Slow Travel: This concept is picking up, and I absolutely love the idea of it. Slow travel is pulling down the speed of the place by taking in more and building a stronger connection to the place rather than striking off from a list of things to do. After all the hard work we all do our office, it’s a great feeling to slow travel as it lets you relax and enjoy the place the way it should be explored.

Travel Insurance: Do you know murphy’s law? Take that insurance and travel well :)

Less social media. More social: We click for Stories and Instagram post, or to check-in on Facebook, or to send it to our family in WhatsApp but in the process of getting the right pictures, are we seeing the place? In the process of ‘insta’ posting, are we taking in all the essence of the place? I am a little guilty of the same. So last year, I decided that Instagram/Facebook or any social media app will come only once I reach back my room in the night. So I started to post stories and Instagram posts at the end of the whole day, and this really helped me in storytelling. It helped me get the feeling from the place, and I must agree, it’s changed the way I see places.

So here’s hoping you have a beautiful adventure-filled year where you follow all of these resolutions and more. Do you have a new resolution you’ve taken up? Comment below and tell us :)



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